All API requests to protected resources have HTTP header parameters that need to be provided.

These are:

  • Authorization Bearer {accessToken} - an OAuth2 access token is required for each call to a protected resource.
  • request-type - the request type you are making. This will always be 'api'
  • response-type - the result format you would like either 'text/xml' or 'application/json'.
  • result-size - (optional) - If the query is result size limited, specifiying this parameter with a integer value will allow you limit the result size up to the system or application level maximum. Application level maximums are default of 1000 but can be changed pending needs and evaluation.
  • ReturnUTC - (optional, default value = 'true') - the timezone of dates returned by the Trakopolis API server. 'true' means UTC time, 'false' - local time of division.


The following is an example for a request using the Fiddler HTTP test tool.

Authorization: Bearer your_access_token_should_be_here
 request-type: api
 response-type: application/json
 result-size: 100
 ReturnUTC: False