The following primitive data types are used in the Trakopolis OAuth2 API:

  • Boolean: {true|false}
  • Integer: 1
  • Float: 1.0
  • String: "Value"
  • DateTime: "2012-12-20T11:22:33Z" - ISO 8601 format: {yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ} If time ends with 'Z' character, it represents UTC timezone. If 'Z' character is omited, then it is local time of division. More details about dates are available in Dates Handling section¬†
  • Arrays of values
  • Other custom Trakopolis types. For example,¬†Status type contains array of AnalogSensorData objects, that are consist of primitive types.

Detailed information about every Trakopolis API type is available in the Self Documentation area.