The Trakopolis API server implements division-based security and access level verification. If client application is authorized to get data of some division, it can also have an access to data of all its subdivisions. Please check Scopes and Data Access section for details.

When requesting protected resources, applications should explicitly specify division Id. Data will be returned for this division Id and optionally for child divisions (depending on query string parameter). If division Id is not specified, then API server uses authorized division. For example:

  • /api/assets  - Retrieve all assets for the authorized division.
  • /api/10/assets - Retrieve all assets for division with id=10. You may pass Id of the authorized division or any of its subdivisions in API reques

DivisionId filter can be used to narrow request and return only some subset of data available for application. All REST API endpoints can accept divisionID, based on URL /api/{divisionId}/endpoint_name/