Entity Information

Data type: Asset, fields list

Please note, that FuelConsumption and FuelCost values are accepted in metric measurement units only, including assets of divisions with imperial measurement units.

  • FuelConsumption - kilometers per 1 litre
  • FuelCost - US Dollars per 1 litre

When asset is created, it doesn't have any terminals, therefore will be inaccessible by the API server by default and will be shown only if includedisabledassets query param is used. New terminals can be created using /api/terminals endpoint.

URL: api/assets


You can create an asset in your main division or in any child divisions. All query parameters are ignored.

To create new Asset using the Trakopolis API server you need to pass JSON or XML serialized asset object with following properties:

  • Name: Name of asset. Should be unique within division
  • DivisionId: Optional. If specified, an asset will be created in this division. Otherwise, main division will be used
  • FuelConsumption: Optional. In kilometers per 1 litre
  • FuelCost: Optional. US Dollars per 1 litre
  • Notes: Optional
  • IconImageContentId: Optional
  • ImageContentId: Optional 

JSON data example:

   "Name": "Test asset name",
   "DivisionId": 123456,
   "FuelConsumption": 10.0,
   "FuelCost": 0.9,
   "Notes": "Your notes"