Entity Information (Request Data)

Data type: CheckOutData, fields list

Data is passed in request as XML or Json serialized data depending on response-type header value.

URL /api/LoneWorker/{assetId}/CheckOut



Inserts "Check Out" message

assetId (mandatory): Asset identifier

Request data has 4 fields in CheckOutData structure posted as JSON or XML in request body:

  • TerminalId - id of terminal to be updated. If terminalId is not specified it is detected automatically based on AssetId
  • UtcDate - date/time in UTC timezone when "Check In" event occurred
  • Latitude - the latitude of the location the event occurred on
  • Longitude - the longitude of the location the event occurred on

If errors occured, the Trakopolis API server returns detailed error status with possible error codes:

  • AssetMultipleTerminals - asset has multiple terminals and application should pass specific TerminalId to update value;
  • AssetNotFound - requested asset is not found or can'be accessed by¬†caller application;
  • AssetNoTerminals - requested asset doesn't have any terminals;
  • AssetTerminalNotFound - requested¬†terminal is not found;
  • TerminalNoLocationDateFound - failed to find existent status nearest to UtcDate. Probably terminal doesn't have any statuses yet.
  • WrongDataFormat - Invalid input data format in VirtualOdometerData structure.