Entity Information

Data type: OutgoingMessage, fields list

URL: /messages/outgoing


To send outgoing message to the device you need to pass following values:

  • Message: Message text
  • AssetId: Identifier of target asset
  • CreatedOn (optional): Datetime of message creation. If not specified, current date is used
  • TerminalId (optional) - Id of target terminal to receive message. TerminalId is optional. In fact, it is recommended to leave it blank so API server can detect target terminal automatically by AssetId
  • FromTerminalId (optional) - Id of terminal which created message. FromTerminalId is optional.

Target asset needs to have at least one terminal that can receive messages, otherwise API server returns an error.

There is a delay before message becomes available on the Trakopolis website and API server. The Trakopolis API server returns ApiStatusResult response if message is added successfully (Error code = NoError) or custom error code if an error has ocurred. Some errors may cause 4xx Http status code result. Please refer to the "Error Handling" section

Json-based request example:

   "Message": "API client test outgoing message for Asset ID=123456",
   "AssetId": 123456,
   "CreatedOn": "2013-01-01T00:00:00Z",