Entity Information

Data type: Terminal, fields list


  • /api/Terminals/{TerminalId}[?includechilddivisions={true|false}][&includedisabledterminal={true|false}]


Returns a specific terminal by its ID if it is in the corresponding asset.

includechilddivisions (optional): If set to true, search terminal in subdivisions as well. Default is false.

includedisabledterminal (optional): If set to true, search disabled terminals as well. Default is false.


  • /api/terminals[?includechilddivisions={true|false}][&includedisabledterminals={true|false}][&serialno={serialNumber}]


Returns all of the terminals that matches query parameters up to the query maximum for your division.

includechilddivisions (optional): If set to true, returns terminals for subdivisions as well. Default is false.

includedisabledterminals (optional): If set to true, returns also disabled terminals. Default is false.

serialno (optional): If specified, query terminal by its serial number. If found, returns only 1 record

Please note if you query terminal by serial number, and there are multiple terminals with same serial number available, the API server will return only 1 terminal. Primary and active terminals have preference.