Entity Information

Data type: Terminal, fields list

URL: api/terminals


Create operation is allowed for assets in main division and its child divisions. All query parameters are ignored.

To create new Terminal using the Trakopolis API server you need to pass following values:

  • AssetId: Terminal will be assigned to asset with this Id
  • SerialNumber: Serial Number of your Terminal
  • TerminalType: Type of your terminal. So far only "Mobile Phone" is supported.
  • Primary: Optional. Default is false. An asset can have only 1 primary terminal.
  • Active: Optional. Default is false.

Json-based request example:

   "SerialNumber": "0-123456789",
   "AssetId": Your_Asset_ID,
   "TerminalType": "Mobile Phone",
   "Primary": true,
   "Active": true