The Trakopolis Push Notifications service allows developers to create applications that respond to real-time data updates from Trakopolis subscriptions. Currently 2 events types are supported: new alerts and new outgoing messages.

Push notifications are sent to an application server as a HTTP POST request with JSON-serialized data. An application server should further deliver these notifications to mobile device using vendor-specific push notification technology (Apple Push Notifications Service, Google Cloud Messaging and others). Push notifications contain basic information about event and number of “new” events.

Push notifications are available for External Web/Mobile applications. To start receiving notifications, application should register a particular device using serial number and configure notification parameters. After registration is done, the Trakopolis API server will send push notifications to an application server.

After notification is received by subscriber, an application can query the Trakopolis API server to receive all latest data since last request. It makes periodical data polling unnecessary and allows to provide a better user experience for your application or website. Optionally subscriber can communicate with application server and send information about number of unread items to implement more complicated badge handling strategies

Typical workflow is shown on image below

Push notifications are available only for external website and mobile applications.