As per the OAuth2 Bearer Token Usage Spec, section 2.1. Authorization Request Header Field, Trakopolis API accepts requests to protected resources using bearer tokens which are passed using Bearer parameter in HTTP header.

Header parameters

The Trakopolis API server expects 3 mandatory HTTP request header parameters for every incoming request (except authorization)

  • Authorization: Bearer {Access token}
  • request-type - the request type you are making. This will always be 'api'
  • response-type - the result format you would like either 'text/xml' or 'application/json'.

You can also pass additional headers parameters that are supported by the Trakopolis API server. Please refer to "HTTP Header Parameters" section for details.

Example of a protected resource request:

 Authorization: Bearer gAAAAJHZYKnmKr63W8Nylwe6nWTnYKfSYIYmjhW9mmjYnr_zOmimEbyN7pdDYjzFwhImvOkY2g_7-bZ0MC7X4UUj92aYtz2qpZS17WU3cgHTcJIJOq0rM2tHSQyKV7I
 request-type: api
 response-type: application/json
 result-size: 5
 returnUtc: true